Technician’s Corner: What Makes SkyCNG’s Systems Better? 

Want to cut down your install time, save money, and never have a customer come back a month later with issues?

Our partner LPGtech has developed the most cutting edge firmware, software, and algorithm we have ever seen. We have put together a kit for the US market using their technology. In just a few clicks you can have a perfectly tuned vehicle. You can easily see if there is any potential for fuel trim imbalance, which is the most common cause of check engine lights. To facilitate efficiency we have included high performance Hana injectors from Korea. These are widely accepted as the best CNG injectors available.

The Hana injectors don’t make the kit. They must be arranged with an ECU capable of controlling them, as well as a regulator that can manage pressure output efficiently. Just because someone puts Hana injectors with a kit does NOT mean it is a good kit. We have seen many competitors offer them as an upgrade to try and reduce issues, but in the long run it simply cannot perform like the SkyCNG system.

SkyCNG car conversion kits incorporate “fuel trim following”, which constantly monitors the vehicle’s OBD system air/fuel mix for best possible performance. It also has ADM “adaptive dynamic map”. In other OBD sequential systems you will find only a single point where the fuel injection is modified and corrected. SkyCNG incorporates “ADM” to provide multiple points of adjustment for these fuel modifications and corrections. Out algorithm looks at fuel injection times and OBD fuel trims to make fast adjustments. This ensures the best possible performance and driveability while on CNG as well as longer engine life and the best fuel efficiency.

Is your current CNG reducer single stage? Your single stage regulator cannot efficiently take the 3600psi down to low operating pressures. Reducing the pressure is only the first battle, a good regulator has to maintain constant CNG low pressure output. This is almost impossible for a single stage reducer. Further, you should ask your current supplier if their regulator was designed to handle 3600psi… it was almost surely designed for the very common 3000psi found in other countries.

SkyCNG offers two solutions for regulators. The SkyPRO multistage regulator/reducer is designed for 3600psi operation and big engines over 300 horsepower. The SkyPRO-HD reducer is for heavy duty trucks with engines over 5.0 liter and aggressive towing and driving habits. We have easily tuned vehicles with over 400 HP and V10 engines. This is among the toughest avilable, but remember its not just the breaking point that makes for a good regulator. SkyCNG regulators are long lasting and even under stress will give you steady CNG pressure to the injector rails. Two regulators are not needed any more when you use our system. Save time and money and go with SkyPRO-HD. This ensures you will remain on CNG in almost all driving situations. SkyPRO reducers have a flow rate of about 70kg/hr which is very common, while the SkyPRO-HD has a flow rate over 150kg/hr. Trust the SkyCNG technology. Lower quality regulators may work for awhile, but constant use at higher RPM and power will cause critical failure.We have the combined MAP sensor and CNG temp sensor. This eliminates ugly hose connections and installs that use the old MAP sensor that must mount to the engine bay. It means a faster and cleaner install.

Our CNG conversion kits are made in the USA. We have assembled the best components in the industry to best serve the American market. Nobody else offers a commercial grade system like this.SkyCNG will constantly be investing in product development to stay updated on the latest vehicles and technological advances. If and when an issue arises, we have the staff to provide a solution quickly.Try a CNG car conversion kit from SkyCNG on your next install and see why so many are switching to Tartarini!

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