CSA CNG Training

What is CSA Certification and why do I need it?

There are two parts of a CNG system: High Pressure and Low Pressure. You MUST be properly trained in order to safely installed these complicated systems. You can damage your vehicle, yourself, and others if you are not qualified.

The high pressure side consists of the tank, tank valve, stainless steel tubing, P36 fill receptacle, and manual safety shutoff valve (if using a manual tank valve and not electric). Most states have adopted the “CSA” regulations as a safety standard for CNG high pressure tank inspection. If you want to make money doing tank inspections and installs, then you need this certification. It is pretty straightforward and focuses ONLY on the high pressure safety, detecting leaks, etc.

The CSA test is taken at a local testing facility (hundreds of them) and takes about 3 hours. It’s 80 multiple choice questions, costs $410, and you can retake three times for free if you fail, but only within 6 months of first test. The certification is good for 5 years and your name is added to a national database. High pressure trainings are offered all over the USA, but PLEASE make sure you ask if they cover the CSA testing questions. There are some companies that show you how to install high pressure, but fail to cover important items you’ll be tested on.

The low pressure side is usually under the hood and is the most complicated aspect of CNG installs. This consists of the reducer/regulator, ECU, software, injectors, and map sensor. 99% of the questions and problems regarding a CNG install come from the low pressure side. This is where experience and training can make or break your business. There is no formal or widely accepted regulation or training for this part of CNG. SkyCNG offers two options for training depending on your experience. After our training you’ll be able to repair almost any sequential CNG system on the market, not just install SkyCNG systems.

Start your CSA Compressed Natural Gas Fuel System Inspector Certification at the official website registration link. Don’t be fooled by any other programs. This is the most widely adopted certification for CNG fuel systems in the USA.

Clueless on installs? Think you want to try this yourself? We have an eBook on installation training that saves you money. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee only $39.99!

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