CNG Utah Tax Credit

Effective January 1, 2015 it is possible for individual or fleet drivers to get a maximum $1500 Utah Tax Credit on each system installation. You can spread the tax credit out over 5 years for business or individual. No limit on the credit! Multiple vehicles are OK!  In March 2015 the Utah Congress passed a bill that will give an INSTANT $2500 rebate for a CNG conversion. This means less money out of pocket for conversion! As of May 2015 they are still working out the details of the rule, and the funding of the bill. SkyCNG will keep you posted on how it will work. We are working with the Utah Clean Air Board to allow only high quality systems like ours to work with the rebate. Many “economical” (cheap) kits off KSL, ebay, etc will not pass the annual safety and emissions testing… ours will!

The following is an email we sent to our Utah customers on May 8th, 2015:

Dear Utah Customer,

As you may know, the 2015 Utah Legislature passed HB 15 which allows for an instant rebate taken at the point of sale for any aftermarket CNG system of 50% of the invoiced amount or $2500 max.

This is good news, however there are still a few hurdles. First, the bill has NOT been funded yet, so there is no money in the hopper. As of now we estimate that no more than $480,000 (about 175 conversions) will be available per year, and it will not start until the bill is funded after the 2016 Legislation. Yes, that means it’ll probably be summer of NEXT year before installers can get the rebate working. The current $1500 state tax credit is still in effect, but you can only take one or the other, not both incentives on a single VIN.

We had a meeting at the Dept of Air Quality today and they outlined the following proposal for how the new rebate will be regulated:

  • 1. The installer must be a registered business.
  • 2. The installer must be an official safety inspection shop.
  • 3. The installer must be an official emissions shop (counties where applicable).
  • 4. The installer must be either an active CSA certified mechanic OR must be ASE with F1 certs.
  • 5. A website will allow the installer to instantly check the VIN to make sure the vehicle hasnt had another rebate/credit taken. It will also tell you if money is “in the hopper” and it hasn’t run out. You’ll instantly know if you’ll get a check back from the state. If the website says things are OK, then you have 60 days to submit the invoice and other required docs like emissions tests. After submittal, they hope to get a check back to the installer within a week or two.
  • 6. When a bi-fuel vehicle goes in for safety inspection, any shop will be required to check the tank and high pressure lines. The tank will need a current inspection sticker to pass. (3 years/36,000 miles)


If you have any questions let us know.

SkyCNG is in full support of these terms. We think it will do a better job to ensure quality CNG bi-fuel installs within the state of Utah. We applaud the effort made by Utah to promote clean and efficient CNG conversions.

We will keep you posted on any further developments. The rules should be written in stone by the end of the year.

UTAH DRIVERS: SkyCNG will not repair or do warranty work on ANYONE else’s installation. We literally get calls about this every day. Please don’t make the mistake of going with the cheapest installer you can find. In the long run it is just NOT worth it.

We are based in Utah, but unfortunately 99% of our distribution business is outside our home state (there are some “discount” suppliers in Utah). It feels good to save money, but with CNG it just isn’t worth it. Spend a few hundred more dollars and enjoy your conversion for years to come, without going to the shop every couple months for tweaking. We have seen many shops in Utah come and go. Shops in Utah are notorious for mixing one or two good components with very cheap ones. Buyer beware!

The SkyCNG kit quality and computer algorithm means we give you better power, better mileage, and longer reliability. If your local mechanic doesn’t already use our state-of-the-art systems then DEMAND IT! This tax credit allows you to get the best CNG car conversion available for the cost of a cheap “economical” system. 

Let SkyCNG direct you to a qualified installer!

Just call us or email

Download the Actual 2014 Tax Credit Ruling Announcement to see for yourself (we highlighted the important parts). Call a qualified installer to take advantage of this offer! Here is the Utah Tax Form that needs to be filled out upon conversion. Keep checking back for the updated 2015 instant rebate forms!

SkyCNG technology is unmatched. If your mechanic doesn’t use us, then demand it! Try us!