CNG Education Videos

SkyCNG gives periodic training in Salt Lake City, and the last one was in June. Don’t worry, we also travel to your location and will spend a couple days with your team. CNG conversion installs and repair is a great way to make money! Typical install labor is over 15 hours, so this class pays for itself FAST.

The bi-fuel CNG training will focus on the sequential system (newest generation) aftermarket installation on standard fuel injection gasoline engines (will not cover direct injection “EcoBoost”, etc). We will take you through a late model truck conversion (or your own vehicle if we travel to your location). This detailed course will educate you on what each component does, how it is best installed, and how to identify lesser quality parts and kits. We will also teach troubleshooting and common problems so you can make money repairing other people’s messes. A good portion of time will also be spent on the software involved, and we will compare a few different common brands of software commonly used.

The course will talk about CNG tanks and high pressure practices, but this will NOT be a CSA prep course. Scroll down this page to learn about CSA Certification. The high pressure parts will already be installed on the subject truck at the training class. It is very time consuming and 99% of issues come from the parts under the hood, not the tank.

Learn to Install a Quality Sequential CNG System… ONLINE or IN PERSON! 

SkyCNG wants you to install CNG conversions with confidence! A typical installation is very difficult. If anyone tells you different, then you are being lied to. They commonly take about 15-20 man hours to install and calibrate on the software. Because of this, the labor cost is easily upwards of $1500 per installation. Our installation training is given by professional technicians with over 100 installs under their belt.

SkyCNG offers two types of training. The first is an ONLINE HD video education course over 5 hours long that you can purchase and download for $499! We have taped an actual training course and have condensed the 3 days training to about 5 hours of high definition video. It is like you are in the garage with the other students! Hear the dialogue and questions. Get the answers you need! $499 is a small price to pay to save potentially dozens of hours getting up on the learning curve on CNG car conversions. It’s complete with sequential bi-fuel installation as well as software calibration. See some actual images from the video below. Contact SkyCNG to purchase and download. You will not find anything nearly as detailed as this video on YouTube or the internet. If you aren’t satisfied or confident after the video training, you can apply the $499 towards the “on location” training outlined below:

SkyCNG can also fly to you! An experienced technician will typically spend two full days at your shop doing a sequential kit installation. You can have one tech or 10 techs helping out… the cost is the same! Cost is $900 per day plus travel and expenses. Get the best education from SkyCNG!

There is no formal certification for completing this training. Even the CSA Certification only revolves around the high pressure side (tank installation and tank maintenance, checking for leaks in the system, NFPA 52 fire code, etc). Our training focuses on the IMPORTANT part of CNG conversion, which is the engine components and computer software calibration.

Official CSA High Pressure Tank Certification can be obtained here. This is different than the more technical training on conversion kit installs.

After the SkyCNG installation training you will also be prepared to troubleshoot and repair many common problems on other types of aftermarket CNG conversions.

When you purchase the VIDEO TRAINING, you’ll get a $499 CREDIT on your tenth kit ordered! This is a no brainer! It’s like FREE TRAINING!