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Frequently Asked Questions 

See our FAQ on CNG conversion kits for cars and trucks below, but you should really click around the whole website to learn as much as possible. Also check out our Video Learning Center

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FAQ Section

Tanks are in the back of your pickup where a tool box would go, or in your trunk. It is VERY RARE that you see a tank under a car or truck bc it is VERY expensive to weld the brackets, hard to find space, dangerous, and you have to get a much smaller tank.

The tank will take up more space than you think, so plan carefully.

You CANNOT put it on top of your vehicle.

This depends on the vehicle and where you get your CNG car conversion kit, but if you get it done right and use new parts it could be as much as $8,000 per vehicle. You can see our pricing and available CNG conversion kits. This does not take into account Federal, State, or Local tax rebates, refunds, etc…. however you should know that unless the kit is EPA certified you probably won’t qualify for any rebates. The common cost breakdown is about $1100 for the SkyCNG kit, about $2000 for the CNG cylinder (tank) for a car– $3900 for a truck (for big 20 gallon tank), and then the cost of labor which is about 15 labor hours times the typical rate of $75-100 per hour for a good shop. This puts you as much as $6,000 out the door. Price may vary depending on the type of vehicle and type of tank. Here’s the breakdown of a typical V8 pickup truck:

  • SkyPRO-HD V8 kit $1499
  • 21×60 Type 4 20gge Tank $3900 (good for 20 yrs and transferable)
  • Manual Tank Valve $125
  • Tank Brackets $249
  • Tank Shipping (estimated) $175
  • High Pressure Tubing $40
  • Emergency Cutoff Valve $129
  • P36 Filling Receptacle $70

Any standard fuel injection engine can be converted. Direct Injection is very new and found on some engines, and they CANNOT be converted. The new Ford “Ecoboost” Direct Injection type engines can NOT be converted. GM also puts a Direct Injection “Ecotec” engine in a lot of new trucks. We have a kit for model year 2014-15 but nothing newer.

Diesel? Click here.

A basic sequential CNG car conversion will be available in 4, 6, or 8 cylinder version. From a financial standpoint, a good rule of thumb is that if your vehicle is more than 10 years old or more than 100k miles then you may want to think REALLY hard about it. Talk to a GOOD mechanic who understands CNG conversions.

Your engine mileage plays a big role in this decision.

Like any car repair or improvement, the last thing you want to do is spend several thousand dollars and have the transmission fall out 30 days later.

Many dealers and shops like to tell/intimidate people that non-EPA kits or even CNG kits in general will void your warranty. This is a bold and broad statement, since performing warranty work on a blown headlight has absolutely nothing to do with the aftermarket installation of a bi-fuel CNG system.

Unlike other CNG systems that exist, SkyCNG will NOT flash the original PCM, modify the programming, tamper with oxygen sensors or exhaust, nor will we block any check engine lights from appearing. Some cheap kits can’t keep fuel trims within acceptable range, so they run too rich or too lean. Their software is made to BLOCK these error codes and this is BAD. It is these poor quality systems that caused the EPA to get involved and make scary rules. SkyCNG does not fall under the list of kits that tamper with your vehicle.

Here are the facts: Drivers are protected by something called the “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975”. This says a manufacturer cannot void the warranty just because of your aftermarket parts. If your transmission fails under warranty and you have a CNG conversion, then your transmission is still under warranty. This act goes on to clarify that the burden of proof is with the manufacturer or dealer if there is any argument over what caused the failure. Example: Your engine slings a rod under warranty and you have a bi-fuel CNG conversion kit. Well, if the CNG system was not properly installed, then maybe the dealer has a legitimate argument… however the burden is on the dealer to PROVE that the CNG kit (whether installed properly or not) was the direct cause of the engine failure.

The reality is that when properly installed your sequential CNG conversion kit from SkyCNG will not void your warranty. Even an extensive search on the internet will hardly find any cases where a CNG car conversion has resulted in engine failure or warranty issues. Lots of people like to talk about it, but the fact is CNG conversions are widely accepted around the world as aftermarket parts and modifications. As long as you have a professional and qualified installer then you will be all good.

Get warranty help straight from the government.

CNG- Compressed Natural Gas and NGV- Natural Gas Vehicle

The single biggest expense in almost any conversion is the high pressure CNG cylinder (fuel tank). These can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. It depends on the size and type. There are four type of cylinders. Read about the four types of CNG car cylinders.

There are two type of CNG car conversion kits. One is commonly referred to as a mixer or “venturi” CNG conversion system. The other is a more complicated and efficient “sequential injection” CNG car conversion kit.. SkyCNG also sells high quality conversion kits for your car. You can see our pricing and available CNG conversion kits.

Dedicated means your car ONLY runs on CNG. You have committed to never putting gasoline in the car again! Bi-Fuel (two kinds of fuel) is what you have after putting a CNG conversion kit on your vehicle without removing the ability to operate on regular gasoline. This is very common with after-market conversions since most people don’t want to give up the ability to use gasoline.

The octane of CNG is about 120, but your mileage won’t be much different than regular gasoline… if at all. We could make it really boring and break things down in terms of BTUs for CNG and gasoline and how many are required per mile… but you’re not that difficult, right?

CNG is a clean burning fuel! It is much cleaner than gasoline and will not hurt your engine, but actually help it run cleaner when installed correctly. Different states have different emissions testing. California now requires all CNG kits to be CARB certified or they will not pass the smog inspection. This legislation makes it very difficult to convert to CNG and have it be affordable. Most other states shouldn’t have a problem passing. We have heard that only some emissions inspectors in the San Francisco area will actually “visually fail” your properly installed and operating CNG conversion. We have spoke to some drivers of non-CARB approved CNG converted vehicles in California and they pass each year with flying colors, no questions asked.

Very few. We have the complete information on CNG laws and legislation. Legislature is always changing on a Federal, State, and Local level. You can check on local laws here as well. SkyCNG will try to keep you updated.

Because in order to attain most Federal and State rebates you will need one of these kits. However, very few vehicles are qualified for this EPA Certification. The fact is that most CNG conversion kits installed today are not certified by the EPA. SkyCNG kits are the same, if not better, quality than the expensive EPA Certified kits you can find on the market. We did not pay the expensive fees to get the kits certified on certain vehicle types, so we do not have to charge high prices. View the EPA short-list of certified kits.