CNG Fleet Conversion

Fleet CNG Conversion Kits 

If your car or light truck fleet budget could use some trimming, then look into a fleet CNG conversion from SkyCNG. The grant writing has already started, and public funding will surely dry up fast… if it hasn’t already. But even if the grant money is not available you should consider a fleet conversion to CNG. Natural gas has plenty of “PR” power. It is a domestic, clean and abundant alternative fuel, so the public will have a hard time questioning the move to CNG. Best of all, it is significantly cheaper than gasoline and diesel. In most places it’s at least 50% less! Availability becomes less of a problem each day. CNG pumps are popping up everywhere. Click the CNG pump locator at the top right to find the location nearest to you!

You can still operate on gasoline! SkyCNG conversion kits will not affect the vehicle’s ability to run on regular gasoline. With the flip of a switch you can go back and forth without needing to re-start or stop your engine. All your questions about fleet CNG conversion kits will be answered on this website. If not, then please email us with any concerns you have.

CNG Conversion Kits are Perfect for Your Fleet

The CNG conversion kits offered by SkyCNG are premium “sequential injection” type. This means they work on post 1996 fleet vehicles and their OBDII computers. Sequential kits accurately inject the CNG into your car’s engine via computer ( the “ECU” ) control. This is different than many of the cheaper “aspirated” or mixer kits. Our CNG conversion kits will operate your 4, 6, and 8 cylinder vehicles without problem.

Your fleet’s engine life will likely increase from CNG conversion kits. This is just one of the benefits of CNG car conversion. Your fleet of NGV (natural gas vehicles) will join the already 120,000+ CNG cars in the United States. These cars enjoy:

  1. 90% reduction in emissions
  2. Convenience and Energy Efficiency- Abundant and domestically produced, over half the households in the US already use natural gas. It’s already everywhere! Why not in more cars?
  3. Federal and State Incentives- There have been and likely will be more government incentives for switching to CNG.
  4. Natural gas is safe! Unlike gasoline, CNG will dissipate into the atmosphere in the even of a fuel line breach. Unless the flame is within an inch or so of the break, then the CNG will not ignite.
  5. Fuel Savings! Your CNG fleet will get the same fuel mileage on CNG. These miles will cost you significantly less than if running on gasoline. If the GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent) of CNG is $1.25 and the cost of gasoline is $4.00 per gallon, then your 20 mpg vehicle driving 20,000 miles per year would save well over $2000 per year running on CNG! How many miles does your average fleet vehicle drive each year? Note: Your cost for CNG car conversion kit will be around $2500 per vehicle (this INCLUDES the CNG tank cost). How many of your capital investments will pay for themselves in less than 12 months?


Worried about installation costs? You may already have an on-site mechanic for your fleet. SkyCNG suggests and ASE certified mechanic to handle the installation of your CNG conversion kit.We will provide your mechanic with the diagrams, manuals, and calibration software he will need in order to outfit your fleet with CNG. A typical install will take anywhere from 20 to 25 hours. Obviously, this time will be cut down when doing multiple installs at a time, as in a fleet conversion project. CNG fleet conversions are much easier than you may think.CNG conversion kits are very common almost everywhere but the United States. This trend is changing. Contact SkyCNG to learn why our affordable, yet high quality, non-EPA certified kits will be perfectly applicable for your fleet. You do not have to spend $15,000 on a CNG conversion kit. SkyCNG will provide a bid on your CNG fleet conversion with BIG volume discounts. Call us at 801.404.2086 for more info.