CNG Conversion Kit

CNG Car Conversion Kits 

Unfortunately, those of us in the USA can’t just go to Walmart or Autozone and purchase a CNG conversion kit. There are a few types of CNG car conversion kits out there. Cheaper is definitely not better.

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SkyCNG wants you to be informed before you make any purchase or car modification. When installed properly, a vehicle with a CNG conversion should still pass emissions inspection, if applicable. This is assuming your vehicle was running normal in the first place. Also, the kits that SkyCNG offers and describes below are for bi-fuel purpose. This means you can operate your vehicle on either CNG or gasoline with the flip of a switch. It’s that simple. No stalling out engine or anything.

Note: California is a different story. Your CARB regulations make CNG car conversion difficult. Click here learn more about CARB.

Some people simply remove their kit before inspection in California, but we discourage that kind of activity.

Hopefully this information will help you decide about a CNG car conversion:

There are two types of CNG conversion systems for your vehicle. The first is an older generation, lower cost kit often referred to as a “venturi” or “mixer” system. “Venturi effect” is a term used in physics that basically refers to the way gases and liquids flow from one space to another and the vacuum that is created when the air pressure changes as a result of the moving fluids/gases. In a CNG kit this takes place within the “mixer” component. These mixer/venturi kits are a little easier to install and are cheaper cost, but many people complain about engine performance and sluggish acceleration on CNG. This is a result of the mixer choking up airflow. Mixer kits require CONSTANT tinkering, so if you are not a mechanic you should stay away. These kit types can be a concern for people who want to get a CNG conversion without “changing” the way their car drives.

Mixer kits have been around for decades. When people complain about poor performance on CNG conversions and how they’ll never own another bi-fuel vehicle, then it’s probably because they had one of these older systems.

Sequential CNG Car Conversion Kits

The second type of CNG car conversion kit is a referred to as a “sequential injection” kit. These generally apply to post 1996 (due to OBDII) vehicles with electronic fuel injection, and will offer computerized performance that makes CNG conversion very simple to operate, maintain and tune-up in the future. In a sequential injection CNG conversion kit, the system has one injector for each engine cylinder (example: a V6 engine will have six injectors, etc). The computer system controls the kit, ensuring the correct amount of CNG is injected into your engine and that performance is always optimal whether on gasoline or CNG.

These sequential injection kits are more expensive and a little more difficult to install. Users will tell you that in the long run a sequential injection CNG kit is still worth the money, and that the software included with the kit makes tuning up easy, if needed.

Be careful when buying and installing kits. SkyCNG recommends that an experienced CNG mechanic always put these on your vehicle. If you have any questions about CNG conversion kits please contact

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