Founded in 2009, SkyCNG supplies only the highest quality CNG car conversion kits with heavy duty CNG regulators, fast response injector rails, weather-sealed ECU and wiring harness, and the easiest auto-calibration software you’ll find on the market. They are built to American standards for SkyCNG, and the LPGtech controller is exclusively imported and distributed by SkyCNG all over the USA. Join our network of SkyCNG installers and you can receive wholesale discounts on CNG conversion kits. We also give discounts for Church fleets and public service vehicles. Our CNG conversion kits come with a 5 (FIVE) year warranty. Trust SkyCNG with your CNG car conversion.

CNG Conversion Kits by SkyCNG! FREE Tech Support

Clueless on installs? Think you want to try this yourself? We have an  eBook on installation training  that saves you money. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee only $39.99!

Official CSA High Pressure Tank Certification can be obtained here. This is different than the more technical training on CNG conversion kit installs.

LPG Propane Conversion Kits available here.


New PLUG AND PLAY: Save hours of install time and mistakes by using Injector Cut-off Wiring- No more cutting and soldering wires! See details on our premium kits and the FIRST HEAVY DUTY system on the market with SkyPRO-HD.

Learn about CNG Car Conversion with SkyCNG. CNG conversion shops across the USA are switching to SkyCNG for all their CNG systems. Spend 5 minutes on the phone with us and you’ll know. SkyCNG answers the phone, returns messages, and answers emails quickly. Our kits are complete and not a mix and match of lesser quality components in order to save a buck. Quality is #1 with SkyCNG. Our sequential injection CNG kits are in stock and ready to ship so you can operate an efficient business or fleet.

CNG car conversion kits from SkyCNG will not tamper with or disable your vehicle’s emissions systems or sensors. Taxi cabs, municipalities, and other fleet vehicles can contact SkyCNG for custom quotes on your volume purchases.

How Much Does It COST???

The kit does NOT include the tank. Your local CNG mechanic can fill you in on total cost after labor and you can see more information on our FAQ Page. Have your mechanic call us for assistance. Remember, you’ll need to make the kit install compliant with NFPA 52 safety regulations. This requires certain types of CNG high pressure tubing, valves, and compression fittings.

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